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Underground Construction - Tunnels and Shafts

EPC Consultants provides construction management services for tunnel projects and their appurtenant facilities including shafts, underground structures, and equipment and facilities for a variety of tunnels used for water, wastewater, combined sewer overflow storage, mass transit and highway projects. EPC's tunnel project portfolio traverses a broad range of ground conditions and tunneling equipment and methods.


The projects range from hard rock to soft ground under high water heads using a variety of mining methods and equipment including drill and blast, state-of-the-art Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) and Slurry Shield Tunnel Boring Machines (STBM), Sequential Excavation Method (SEM) or NATM, and a variety of micro-tunneling and bored excavation techniques. A summary of the tunnel projects that EPC has been involved in totals more than 70 miles of tunnels with project values exceeding $6 billion.


Brightwater Conveyance Tunnel

King County, Washington


Mission Valley East, Light Rail Extension

San Diego State University



Williamette River SCO Tunnel Program

City of Portland

Anacostia River CSO Control Projects

Division A – Blue Plains Tunnel,

Washington, DC



Inland Feeder System

Metropolitan Water District



Claremont Tunnel

East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD)



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