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Resident Engineering is the fundamental element of construction management performed by EPC on infrastructure projects. EPC’s professional Resident Engineers are degreed engineers who function as the owner’s representative in the coordination of the project’s work activities and the administration of the construction contract between the owner and the contractor. EPC has experience in the administration of design-bid-build, design-build, cost-reimbursable, construction-manager-at-risk, and alliance method contracts and various modified approaches to each method. EPC’s resident engineers manage the construction management staff which typically includes assistant resident engineers, field engineers, office engineers, admin assistants, inspectors, schedulers, cost engineers, environmental and permit compliance specialists, and third-party coordinators. The Resident Engineer is challenged with assuring contract compliance, supervising the field operations, and resolution of conflicts.


Office Engineering involves the processes and actions taken to facilitate and document the implementation and administration of a construction contract. EPC’s Office Engineers manage the contractual requirements of construction contracts to assure contract compliance. Office Engineers manage submittals review and approval processes, requests-for-information (RFI) processing and tracking, contract change order control, and claims avoidance. EPC’s Office Engineers are skilled in computerized information management and contract administration systems and procedures and are familiar with the standard information management systems typically employed by public agencies.



Project Controls describes the activities performed by the Resident Engineering staff to assist in managing the project and monitoring and reporting the performance of the project. EPC’s project controls staff includes schedulers, cost engineers, cost estimators, document control administrators, and report writers. EPC’s schedulers have expertise in computerized scheduling systems and the Critical Path Method (CPM) of project scheduling. The project controls staff is responsible to assist the Resident Engineer in the management of the project documents and the control and reporting of the project’s progress and cost and schedule performance. A key activity of the project controls staff is the review and verification of accurate measurements supporting periodic progress payment requests from the contractors.


Inspections: The fundamental element of Resident Engineering involves the field inspection of construction work placement and the verification and documentation that the work placement complies with the contract specifications. EPC’s inspectors are the Resident Engineer’s eyes and ears in the field to witness and report all activities. One of the most significant activities performed by EPC’s inspectors is safety observations and the oversight of safe construction operations. EPC’s inspectors conduct daily inspections of the project work to assure that the quality of the work is in conformance with the contract specifications and approved quality control plans for the project. EPC inspectors prepare daily inspection reports which include full documentation of the work placement, witnessing of quality control testing, documentation of as-built conditions, progress photographs, and safety observations. The inspectors are responsible to document that all of the work has been constructed properly including the coordination of punch-list items and project closeout activities.


Claims Resolution: In the performance of construction management and resident engineering services, EPC performs claims avoidance activities which includes communication and facilitation of problem resolutions before they escalate to construction contract claims. When construction claims have been filed by the contractor, EPC’s claims professionals provide claims resolution services to owners which include verification of merit and entitlement, development of a negotiation strategy to avoid litigation, and full documentation of facts.


Start Up and Commissioning: EPC’s professional staff assist owners in the testing, start-up and commissioning of projects. These activities involve extensive certification testing and verification, safety and security compliance verification, and testing and certification of multiple building and facilities systems and controls. EPC has experienced mechanical and electrical professionals with expertise and knowledge of the requirements for testing and start-up of complex facilities. EPC provides assistance in the development of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals as part of the commissioning process.

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