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San Diego State University

EPC provided Construction Management services for the Mission Valley East Light Rail Transit project, which involved the construction of a 5.8-mile extension of San Diego's light rail transit system. The extension included one mile of underground LRT. Key features of the underground work included: 4,000 feet of deep cut-and-cover construction adjacent to critical infrastructure, an underground station at San Diego State University and a 1,000-foot long, 40-foot wide by 40-foot tall tunnel section constructed using a sequential excavation method known as the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM).

Sensitive issues included:

  • Stadium conglomerate, a partially cemented mixture of gravel and sandy clay containing occasional large boulders
  • High water table (up to 20 feet above the tunnel roof)


EPC provided Construction Management services including pre-bid constructability and bid ability review of the construction documents. EPC also provided the following staff members: A Resident Engineer, A Contract Administration and Controls Engineer, specialty NATM Tunnel Engineers, Geotechnical Instrumentation Engineers and Civil and Cut-and-Cover Excavation Engineers. 


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