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Transbay Joint Powers Board

The Transbay Transit Center Program is a landmark project for the San Francisco Bay Area. The multi-modal program will enhance transit service to the region by improving the bus and rail connectivity of eight Bay Area counties and the State of California through ten transit systems at one facility in downtown San Francisco. The program, which will be the largest transit-integrating, inter-modal center west of New York City, will replace the existing terminal and provide public access to local and regional bus and rail services. The program includes the design, construction, and operation of a new six-level one million square foot multi-modal transit facility; a 1.3-mile-long tunnel below-grade rail extension of Caltrain service to the new Transit Center building including the construction of a new subsurface station near Fourth and Townsend Streets; and bus ramps linking the new Transit Center to the Bay Bridge and to an off-site day-time storage facility. The new Transit Center will also accommodate future California high speed trains. A Temporary Terminal will be used by buses during construction of the new Transit Center building. The facility is expected to accommodate 300,000 passengers per day. The 1.5-mile long tunnel section will involve a large-diameter three track tunnel which will expand to accommodate six tracks as the tunnel enters the Transit Center. The tunnel will be constructed using the cut-and-cover and sequential excavation methods. Geologic conditions vary along the tunnel alignment from soft soils to fractured, weathered rock. The tunnel will be constructed under the groundwater table in a seismically active region. The alignment transverses the central business district of San Francisco, which includes mixed land uses-commercial and residential-with buildings that contribute to the historic quality of neighborhoods and which will require building protection.


EPC is providing program management and program control services for the Transbay Transit Center Program as part of the program management team. Services include: managing the design and construction of the Temporary Terminal, Bus Storage facility; supporting the design and programming of the transit center, leading the program cost control and schedule control, and overall program coordination, which includes right-of-way, relocation assistance, environmental reviews and stakeholder outreach.

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