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San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

The Central Subway Project is Phase 2 of the Third Street Light Rail Project that will link Little Hollywood and Visitación Valley with Union Square and Chinatown. This project is vital to connecting the city’s civic, business and cultural centers with the diverse communities along the corridor. Once complete, the project will improve service reliability and travel times, enhance transit connections, and provide economic opportunities and access to jobs for local residents. The project is supported by a financial plan that includes significant contributions at the federal, state and local levels.

The Central Subway is a critical transportation improvement projects linking neighborhoods in the southeastern part of the City with the retail and employment centers downtown and in Chinatown. The benefits of the project include the following.

  • Significantly improves travel times for both transit customers and motorists

  • Reduces passenger overcrowding through the use of high capacity light rail vehicles

  • Reduces pollution and surface congestion

  • Provides more reliable transit service

  • Improves travel time and efficiency by providing direct connections to Caltrain, BART, regional buses, cable cars and other Muni lines

  • Provides transit connections in a corridor where the majority of residents do not have a vehicle

  • Improves access to the heart of Chinatown, and strengthens community connections between Visitación Valley and Chinatown

  • Provides a direct connection to SoMa (South of Market), Moscone Center, Union Square, and Chinatown. It also connects the future Mission Bay community


EPC, as part of a joint venture with DMJM Harris/AECOM, is providing program and construction management services.


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