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Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District


The LNWI is a regional pipeline in Northern California providing sewer service for the growing northern Sacramento County area and West Sacramento. The pipeline route and overall planning are the result of a cooperative effort amongst area governments to ensure that the entire region is provided with the highest quality sewer service possible.

The LNWI is one of the most ambitious projects to be implemented by the SRCSD since the District was formed. It serves as the critical link needed to bring wastewater from West Sacramento and the newly developing areas of Natomas to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP) in Elk Grove. The pipeline route begins in North Natomas and continues through the city of West Sacramento, rural Yolo County and ends at the SRWTP. The overall program included two new pump stations, five pipeline projects and 14 tunneled crossings with two tunneled crossings under the Sacramento River.

EPC served as the prime construction management consultant on the Natomas and Sacramento Force Mains. EPC additionally served as a subconsultant on the West Sacramento Force Main and contract coordination and start-up coordination under the program manager for the Yolo Force Main. 

Natomas Force Main (NFM) consists of approximately 3.2 miles of twin 60-inch diameter pipe is located at the northerly end of the LNWI program. The NFM goes from the New Natomas Pump Station to a connection with Northern Sacramento River Crossing. The force main crosses under two CalTrans freeway interchanges as well as the I-80 Bridge.


Sacramento Force Main (SFM) consists of 2.7 miles of 66-inch force main is located at the southerly end of the LNWI program. The SFM extends from the Southern Sacramento River Crossing to the SRWTP. The Force Main crosses under the I-5, and cross the SRWTP Bufferlands under both Morrison and Laguna Creeks.


The West Sacramento Force Main connects the Northern Sacramento River Crossing to the West Sacramento Transition Structure. It crosses the northern portion of the City of West Sacramento and consists of two 60-inch diameter pipes. The WSFM ends at the West Sacramento Transition Structure located near Linden Road.


The Yolo Force Main is 5 miles of 66-inch diameter pipe that connects to the South Sacramento River Crossing. EPC provided program management as the owner’s representative on the Yolo Force Main. Work included start-up and testing.



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