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Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board

The Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (PCJPB) Capital Improvement Project consists of the construction of grade crossings, station platforms, bridge widening, the seismic upgrade of bridges and all associated track and signal work within the PCJPB right-of-way. Projects highlights include:

  • Station Improvements at Diridon Station & Santa Clara Station
  • Diridon Station: Construction of two new platforms with ADA ramps to access the existing pedestrian underpass. Removal and construction of tracks, turnouts and related signal system to accommodate new track work.
  • Santa Clara Station: Construction of center platform and the extension of existing platforms. Construction of a pedestrian underpass between the two platforms. Shifting of existing track and the construction of new track through the station and all signal work associated with shifting and construction of track.
  • San Bruno Grade Separation: The project will eliminate at-grade vehicular crossings at San Bruno Avenue, San Mateo Avenue, and Angus Avenue and replace them with grade separated vehicular access with a four-track footprint. Pedestrian under-crossings will be constructed at Euclid and Sylvan Avenues in San Bruno. The existing San Bruno Caltrain station will be relocated onto an elevated structure at San Bruno and San Mateo Avenues. The former site of San Bruno Lumber will become a surface parking lot for the San Bruno Caltrain station.


San Mateo Bridges:

  • Seismic retrofit of foundations/abutments of four Caltrain railroad bridges at Poplar Ave., Santa Inez Ave., Monte Diablo Ave., and Tilton Ave. in San Mateo.
  • Jerrold Avenue Bridge Replacement: Project included the replacement of existing three-spans of the Jerrold Avenue bridge with a single span bridge and the reconstruction of traveled way and sidewalks.
  • San Francisco Roadway Bridges Replacement: Project included the removal and replacement of the existing two span bridges due to the deteriorated condition and the relocation of existing utilities lines attached to the bridges.
  • Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement: Project included the remove and replacement of existing bridge crossing Los Gatos Creek and the new replacement structure will be a pre-stressed/pre-cast with a wider span and will have the capacity to add an additional third track in the future.
  • Quint Street Bridge: Project included: the removal and replacement of the existing bridge at Qunit Street and the relocation of existing utilities under bridge and in the street.
  • San Mateo County at-grade Crossing Improvement: Project included: the safety improvements at and in the vicinity of twenty-five at grade crossings in the Caltrain Corridor in San Mateo County. Improvements were made in regards to railroad, pedestrian, traffic and roadway safety systems.
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