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Notice of availability:
Office Engineer(electrical Engineer)  

posted 3/28/2023

RATE OF PAY:                $ 109,720.00 per year (40 hours per week)  

LOCATION:                    San Francisco, CA

CONTACT:                      EPC Consultants Inc.

                                   Attn: Human Resources

                                   101A Clay Street, #110

                                   San Francisco, CA 94111


Essential Duties and Job Functions:


  • Test and verify Safety & Security requirements of systems such as Fire Alarms, building management system Traffic control, Track work, Traction Electrification, Signaling/train control, Passenger station systems, and Emergency ventilation for CPUC Certification;

  • Testing, commissioning, and activation of various electrical and communication systems such as artificial lighting processing and control systems, emergency power systems, switchboard labeling and numbering, Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS), Mobile Generator Link Boxes (MGLB), high and low voltage distribution systems, among other central power control station and monitoring systems

  • Programming, commissioning, and activation of network systems for all electrical controls, including but not limited to, Emergency notification and fire alarm systems, visual docking guidance system programming, Building Management system and Building Access control, Information Technology, and Telecommunications, and sustainability commissioning of all control systems;

  • Participating in the development and review of testing procedures and acceptance criteria;

  • Tracking system issues and working closely with project teams to achieve resolutions;

  • Developing and managing commissioning processes to meet program goals and objectives;

  • Developing Commissioning document templates such as Commissioning Plans, Training Plans, Owner Project Requirements, Checklists, and Test Plans;

  • Performing unit testing, functional performance testing, and integration testing of integrated systems;

  • Assisting in the Tl Program, SFO BIM team, Project teams, and SCx with the required integration efforts;

  • Managing activation activities on various projects including verification of systems and assemblies, and testing criteria;

  • Creating resolution structures for failed testing and simulation activities;

  • Conducting final inspections and administering airport and aircraft system acceptance procedures;

  • Developing activation schedules for assigned projects then monitoring and updating them as the project progresses;

  • Maintaining and distributing activation status logs for all projects;

  • Supporting the Field Document Management System Development and Web tools Development;

  • Providing training to operators and users about the system.

  • Participate in the development and execution of simulations based on ORAT schedules including first responders, stakeholders, tenants, and concessions/retail/F&B.


Knowledge, Experience and Skills:   


  • MS in Electrical Engineering or closely related plus

  • One year of relevant work experience


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