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Past News​

AlexRenew Project

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

June 2020

Good news! On Friday, EPC staff spearheaded the execution of a new WIFIA loan for SF PUC’s Headworks and Biosolids and re-executed the 2018 BDFP WIFIA loan at interest rate of 1.45% for an estimated combined savings of $850M (vs 3.5% revenue bond rate).

Led by Alexandra Gunnell, our staff (including Carsie Bonner) was able to develop and facilitate the Headworks Project Letter of Interest and application, NEPA review, contracting/bid compliance, financial modeling, presentations to EPA, external affairs support, negotiation and execution of the agreements, and so much more. The result was that SF PUC became the first borrower to close in this most recent round of WIFIA funding. Not only did our team increase their original award amount for the project (from $215M to $309M), SF PUC were able to obtained an additional $205M for BDFP, and EPA reduced the interest rate on their original 2018 BDFP WIFIA loan (of $699M) by more than half (from 3.09% to 1.45%).

EPA's official press release.

San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility CM Services

May 27,2020

We are pleased to announce that EPC Consultants is a major subconsultant to 1 of 4 teams selected to provide professional Construction Management and Inspection Services for a variety of Capital Improvement Program projects located at the San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (RWF).  The scope of work could include project safety oversight, cost control, scheduling, quality and risk management, and ensuring that the construction of the project improvements is in conformance with the plans and specifications. The City will request Consultant Services on a Service Order basis and the specific scope of services requested for each project and the cost for those services will be described in detailed Service Orders.

The RWF is a regional advanced wastewater treatment plant that serves 8 South Bay cities and 4 special districts.  Jointly owned by the cities of San José and Santa Clara, the RWF is managed and operated by the City of San José’s Environmental Services Department and is the largest tertiary wastewater treatment plant in the western United States.


The 4 firms selected will enter into an agreement with San Jose with each agreement having a not-to-exceed amount of up to $10,000,000 and a term of six (6) years from the date of contract execution.  


We look forward to serving this client and offering these professional opportunities to our staff!

AlexRenew Project

March 2020

We are very excited to announce that the EPC Team has been selected to provide Resident Engineering & Inspection (RE&I) services for the RiverRenew Tunnel System at the AlexRenew Enterprises (Alexandria, Virginia).    

AlexRenew is a forward-thinking utility agency focuses on the water transformation and the RiverRenew Program will eliminate 98% of overflow to Potomac River when completed in 2025.  The program includes tunnel, pumping station, near surface structures and open cut construction.  EPC has assembled a team of CM professional with local relevant experience with support of a group of local firms providing specialized expertise.

DC Water

February 2020

DC Water has decided to award an IDIQ Contract to Belstar-EPC, JV team for Project/Program Management Services.


The goal of Belstar-EPC team is to provide DC Water with a compact, lean, and efficient team of highly skilled staff who can accomplish multiple functions and expeditiously perform the work of monitoring and managing the design and construction of each project.


The execution of the contract is expected in March, 2020.

"Central Subway project walking tour shows light at end of tunnel"


- San Francisco Chronicle, November 2015


"Archaeologists unearth slice of pre-1906 earthquake Chinatown amid Central      Subway Construction"

Construction crews, including EPC consultants, recently recovered pieces of nineteenth century history.


- San Francisco Examiner, December 2015


What did the Central Subway Project accomplish in 2015?


  Take a look at this video:


Bay Division Pipeline 3&4 Seismic Project: Fremont, CA

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